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APAWLA introduces Thinking Out Loud, member-driven small group discussions to talk about issues impacting the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The idea for this program came from the desire to carve out and hold space in our busy lives to learn, reflect and talk with our peers about issues impacting our communities. We hope Thinking Out Loud will result in APAWLA members developing their own understanding of, and engaging others about, important social issues.

How it works. We will send out a syllabus for each small group discussion. Each syllabus should take approximately two hours to complete. If you are interested in participating in the group discussion, sign up before the deadline. Discussion groups will be held at least two weeks after the syllabus is announced. The discussion groups are member-driven, so there will be no facilitators. We will provide questions to help kick off the conversation. We will aim to create small groups of no more than four participants. The small group discussions are open to current APAWLA members.

Chapter 2: Understanding Critical Race Theory

Chapter 1: Exploring Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

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