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Past Presidents

Tracy Nakaoka (2023)

Aimee Contreras-Camua (2022)

Sandy Yu (2021)


Calimay Pham (2020)


Leana Taing (2019)


Beti Bergman (2018)


Kathy Khommarath (2017-2018)


Luci-Ellen Chun (2016-2017)


Catherine Endo Chuck (2015-2016)


Sandra Fujiyama (2014-2015)


Honorable Cynthia Loo (2013-2014)


K. Anne Inoue (2012-2013)


Mia Yamamoto (Pre-incorporation - 2012)

APAWLA was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 2012.

Prior to our incorporation, we were led by our trailblazing Co-Chairs:

Saskia Asamura

Agnes Chiu

Deana Chuang

Luci-Ellen Chun

Anne Inoue

Monica Lin

Sharon Matsumoto

Diane M.L. Tan

Mia Yamamoto

Flora Yin

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